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Army Chat is a FREE web based instant messenger and chat portal.

Features include:
Live Chat, Contacts (Buddy) List, Members Profiles, Emoticons (smilies), File Sharing, and Intelli-link Technology.

Launch Messenger


  • Live Chat
  • File Sharing
  • Intelli-link Technology
  • Members Profiles
  • Emoticons (smilies)
  • Refuse/Block Contact
  • Mail Messaging
  • Print & Save
  • Multi User Chat Room
  • Private Chat
  • Auto Login
  • Room Users
  • Upload Photos
  • Who is Online?
  • Search Members
  • Invite Friends
  • User Status
  • Offline Messaging
  • Contacts (Buddys) List
  • Incoming Requests
  • Instant Password Retrieval
  • Block/Unblock
  • Text/Fonts

Live Chat Features

Live Chat
Private one to one chat in a real time enviroment.

File Sharing
Instantly share files/photos during your chat conversations.

Intelli-link Technology
Auto detects all http://, ftp://, https://, email address's and converts to clickable links.

Members Profiles
You can create your own members profile and view other members profile before and during conversations.

Emoticons (smilies)
Add extra expression to your conversations.

  • Nudge Feature
    Shakes chat screen and sounds audio alert!

    Refuse/Block Contact
    Reject or block contact from unwanted members, includes option to unblock.

    Mail Messaging
    Option to send mail message if no response is made by the receiver.

    Print & Save
    Instantly save/print chat conversations at any time.

    Multi User Chat Room
    Multi user chat room with unlimited subrooms.

    Private Chat
    Allows private conversations with other room users, includes blocking options.

    Auto Login
    Integrated chat rooms auto login your existing members.

    Room Users
    Displays list of all chat room users, includes options for private chat and view profile.

  • Instant Messenger Features

    Upload Photos
    Upload an additional photo to your members profile.

    Who is Online?
    Real time who is online monitoring with visual online/offline indicator.

    Search Members
    Search members by age, gender and/or location. Search results return photos and options to view profile, chat or add to contacts (buddy) list.

    Invite Friends
    New mailing option for inviting friends to join your instant messenger.

    User Status
    Change your online status, here, away, brb (be right back) and hidden (appear offline to other members) .

    Offline Messaging
    Send messages to offline members. Includes email notification of new offline messages and option to block members contact.

    Contacts (Buddys) List
    Members can create their own contacts (buddy) list, with additional view profile, chat and remove contacts links.

    Incoming Requests
    Popup notification of new chat requests, includes options to accept/reject, view profile and block user.

    Instant Password Retrieval
    Members can instantly retrieve their password and have it sent to their email address if lost or forgotten.

    Block users who you do not want to talk to.

    Customisable font colors and styles.

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