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The White House braced for a tough sell of President Barack Obama's long-awaited decision on whether to commit tens of thousands of new U.S. forces to the stalemated war in Afghanistan, even as the president met with top advisers for possibly the last major deliberations before an announcement.

Military officials and others expect Obama to settle on a middle-ground option that would deploy an eventual 32,000 to 35,000 U.S. forces to the 8-year-old conflict. That rough figure has stood as the most likely option since before Obama's last large war council meeting earlier this month, when he tasked military planners with rearranging the timing and makeup of some of the deployments.
I'm shocked this has taken as long as it has, and we still don't have a definitive decision to commit more troops. As previously stated, every expert on the matter says more troops are needed. This has been going on since we announced we were going into Afghanistan. Thankfully, it looks like we are very close to commuting 32,000 to 35,000 troops. Lets just hope it's not another 3 months.

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posted at 08:19:16 on 11/24/09 - Category: Army

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army rhino wrote:

You know to take afghstan you need 2,000,000 soldiers its a huge

area i live in a city 12x12x miles

165,000 people guess what on a busy day you see more land and space still well that so called nation is half the size of usa or more come on General Patton would never hold a wide area with under 100,000 troops- USA is handling this like Vietnam
Posted on 11/24/09 22:51:30

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