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"When individuals go into the military, they are taught how to use weapons, defensive tactics, and the use of a lot of sophisticated techniques," said LaRae Quy, of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. "They take that back on the streets with them. This is a legitimate concern for law enforcement."


Army recruiting headquarters in Washington, D.C., dismiss the claims as urban myth. An Army spokesman said army background checks are extensive and weed out gang members.
I'm sure no system is perfect and that gang members probably do make it into the military. But I think it's probably more likely that gangs recruit people who've been in the military rather than try to send gang members to the military. Gangs have been around for ages and they get more sophisticated all the time. With the War on Terrorism raging, its no wonder that gangs will adopt some of the techniques used by terrorists because, that's what they are.

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posted at 08:39:03 on 11/07/05 - Category: Army

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D A. Smith wrote:

Don't these people have more important things to worry about. Sounds to me if they are just making us afraid of more stuff so they can keep their jobs. America the place to be afraid. Paid for by the US goverment.
Posted on 11/08/05 10:50:44

Gang net wrote:

For the most part, the majority of our folks in the military are law-abiding citizens but what I've seen lately in a local Army post is very disturbing.

When the 3rd ACR was sent to Iraq I noticed a dramatic decline in crime by Gangster Disciple members.

If those people say that gangs aren't alive in the military then that's because they have thier heads in the sand.

These gang members not only enlist in the military, they get training in tactics, weapons, and logistics so they can use it when they get back on the outside. I've seen numberous accounts of these gang members using tactics against police officers.

I'm part of a Gang Task Force. I served in the military. Now i'm a police officer. So if they say the military doesn't recruit gang members, just go on the internet and search for gang members in the military. You'll find all you need to know
Posted on 11/19/05 07:49:09

Jrfolks wrote:

I am a member of the gangster disciples we are going to control the goverment if they cant control themselves. we are bettering ourselves.
Posted on 03/27/06 16:20:47

Chicago wrote:

Posted on 04/14/06 15:38:43

corrections officer wrote:

they might not be a gang member when they joined the army but they become a gd or what ever after they are in gang banger are still cowards
Posted on 05/15/06 20:08:37

George Miller wrote:

Funny.... When I was a punk kid in Chicago, Because of my gang affiliation, A Judge gave me a choice. 1 Year in County Jail, Or join the Military. I served 26 years active duty along side many other street gang members from all across the USA. To indicate that these men are anything other than soldiers, Fighting the enemies of this country, Is a bunch of political bullcrap. They are probably better soldiers than the Military could find anywhere else. Give these men their respect. Gang members or not, All are soldiers, Many have given their lives, Protecting your freedom.
Posted on 05/31/06 14:36:40

Jrfolks wrote:

You dont even know that we are fighting for oil. The government of the u.s. Of a dont give a shit about the people were puppets they dont even want to pull our troops out. GDs vicelords or any organization needs to know this because america has told us what to do for so long we have brainwashed ourselves into being model citizens. He who owns oil owns the world. Now who really is over us sure not the usa government. And now a communist nazi might run for president. GD nation 974/14 2.15.19 free king larry hoover he makes millions with us GDs hes the real president. Fuck amerikkka.
Posted on 06/15/06 21:53:12

Big loc wrote:

**** amerikkka i feel that gangs are the last hope or rights are being violated in front of our face. They are trying to pass gun control laws so now we cant protect ourselves. We are just a big mk ultra project bringing in a new world order maybe we like the old world order. The point im trying to make is **** All Laws. I shoot cops for target practice cripfolk nation 2.7.4
Posted on 06/19/06 01:08:49

HAOGFOT wrote:

As a member of the military and a police officer in a good sized city I have seen first hand what gang violence is.
I can understand people wanting to change their lives and do something good (I had many problems myself). But I do not agree w/active gang members in the military. And if they want to take over the country let'em try. only time will tell 11B

"I have seen many things, but the ones I would rather forget were on the other end of my M-16"
Posted on 06/20/06 20:10:25

Ed Wright wrote:

I am always amused by the "gangs are using the military for training" scenario. While there are no doubt some gang affiliated people in the Army ( after all the Army is a reflection of our society) unless the Army has removed it's policy on convicted persons there is not much threat.
Most "gang bangers" have an extensive criminal history long before they get to military age not to mention ASVAB tests etc.
Gang members by thier nature haven't the discipline required to complete Basic training.
Of course the Army has made it easier by going to "Barbie" Basic Training. No stress no fuss.
God help the Republic
Posted on 08/19/06 10:37:19

u don-t wnt none wrote:

first of the sopposed gd's and vl's on this page..i never met a real gangsta that takes the time to geton an army website and talk about their gang...thats fake ass bullshit!!most of theses kids aren't real gangstas anyways, they just fake ass thugs who watch too much BET and start thinkin they hard.hell, if a kid gets in trouble for 'gang activity' they should send them to the military, let em understand what its really like to take a life or almost have theirs taken,i'm sure they would learn sumthin.i just wanna say to all u fake ass thugs...a real man don't need a gang, they handle their own buissness, fight their own fight and take care of theirself.. ya'll just scared little punks and u won't never run this country, u too stupid and scared to handle such responsibility soo.....get at me!
Posted on 10/18/06 21:01:47

Cadet Austin wrote:

This article and these comments hit really close to home. I'm an 18 year old in the ARNG and ROTC, training to become a butter bar (officer of infantry if I have my way). I have no problem with gang members being in the military, whether they're MS 13, Bloods, Crips, KKK, whatever. My problem is if they don't take orders. Gangs will always exist. It's something you have to accept. But if they are good soldiers, then leave it at that. If the police can't handle the military-trained soldiers, then train police better. it's a simple solution to a simple problem
Posted on 10/26/06 11:49:45

new recruit go Army wrote:

I agree with you cadet Austin. Train the damn police, send their asses to military boot camp and mandatory 1 year of active duty in a war zone because that's exactly what those streets are and if you a scared mother hubber go to church. And for those Bitches out their that can't shoot a bullet to save their own lives send their asses too so they can at least stop shooting innocent victims like my children.
Posted on 11/18/06 22:06:52

HAOGFOT wrote:

Well new recruit go Army, and cadet Austin, I agree that the streets in the U.S. are a different place than the ones that you have seen and not at all the equivelent to IRAQ, and Austin if this is where you want to begin your career, don't tell your rank or history. I have seen some screwed up things but I remember them myself.
Posted on 11/30/06 23:50:52

mattohn wrote:

gangs in the military? hmm, lets see here, what makes a gang? guns? matching colors? orgnizational? if ya look at it in a way the military is a gang, with their "sets" like the marines n the navy, even ranks, all set up, even the Divisions are like state wide territorys, fuk E vs W, USA vs Iraq is where its at
Posted on 12/22/06 17:17:07

Southside Cop wrote:

I have never seen a "Good" gangmember. They destroy their own community and the citizens suffer for it. My partner and I caught a gd in a stolen car, and he told my partner that he wasn't going back to prison and tried to take my partner's gun. I blew a huge hole in his head. The community came out and thanked us. The gd's put up a shrine for him. We immediately destroyed it and set it on fire. Fuck all gds and Fuck larry hoover. Have a nice day.
Posted on 02/26/07 21:20:58

ssgwife wrote:

I don't think people that are in gangs have the right to fight for our country. Because what they do with thier lives , selling drugs to our children and all the killing they do just because they want to. It is a disgrace to our country to allow this kind of behavior. My husband is a SSG in the Army and you can be sure none of his troops are or will be in a gang with out being reported. The only so called "GANG" that should be aloud to continue in the USA is the military.
Posted on 02/27/07 15:17:48

da police wrote:

let me say if u guys don t know about gangs u should. if they r in our military if its between u and a gang member sorry to say its u
Posted on 03/10/07 19:12:06

97414 wrote:

If gang members want to serve our country then good for them . If a G.D. is staying positive and trying to better themselves just stay out of the fucking way.97414
Posted on 03/31/07 11:33:36

TN Gang Fighter wrote:

If they are staying positive that means they are doing it on purpose . . . if they are positively there to learn how to kill people that's positively ludicrous!
Posted on 04/01/07 20:15:14

TN Gang Fighter wrote:

The topic of Gangs in the Military has been covered by just about every form of media, from California to New York to Germany and back. Nonetheless, many people -- in and outside the military -- are in doubt that there are gang members currently serving in the armed forces, and others wonder if it would be a problem to have a gangbanger on the streets in the US that was trained in urban warfare. There is research that indicates some of this, but that research is slightly dated, and we are trying to revisit the issues.

If you served in the military, please give us a few moments of your time and thought and take this survey. If you did not serve in the military, please pass this information on to those you know who did.

Please visit the Gangfighters Network Website at -gangfighters dot net slash gang- and take a short survey.

We appreciate your assistance!

The Gangfighters
Posted on 04/01/07 20:22:16

Ichallengeu2makedifference wrote:

I have been a cop for 18 years. I have worked in some of the meaner streets in the inner cities of Miami, Florida. In the span of my career I have seen and done things that would make some of the most seasoned veterans cringe. I have seen the devastation that gang violence leaves behind not only directly but indirectly. I live within a community where one needs to fear the actions of another because of possible gang affiliation. The lack of respect for others and life has gone out of control. What ever happened to respecting your elders for nothing other than, they were your elders? Someone wrote that police should be military trained. Ahhh, ingnorence at it's best. You fool, most of us are. Most of us left a life in the military and continued serving in a service that some what parallels that of the military. I have my concerns about gangs in the military. Everyday you see some fools carrying out acts of violence. Anything from an LA bank robbery, where the outcome was two bad guys dead. It makes you think, did they really want to rob the bank or did they just want a confrontation with police? More recently, a knuckle head decides he's having a bad day and decides, "hey, I'm going out and killing a few people on my college campus". Were these gangbangers? Probably not but, coverage like that is all it takes for some moron, over glorified, "GANGBANGER", to come up with his or her own scheme. I mean just look at the differences in writing on this page. You have some educated and some un-educated listings. I'll let you decide what type of person wrote what... With that, do you think those people could come up with an educated or original idea of their own? NOT!!!! Wake up people!!! This is a problem that will not go away and is by no means becoming weaker.
Posted on 04/18/07 00:00:38

Nik wrote:

I've served in 2 military braches. I haven't seen any gang activities or members for that matter in my current service. Somebody said earlier that it's mostly a bunch of punk ass kids that watch too much BET and now they think they hard. When I served in the marines, an infantry unit, I had several friends in my company who were part of gangs upon enlistment, from VL's, GD's, Latin Kings, etc., etc., but they came in to give all that up and actually left it all behind. And they did leave it all behind and they were damn good marines. I still keep in touch with many of my brothers from the platoon, and they are all leading good, law-abiding lives.
Posted on 05/10/07 06:23:38

caliboy wrote:

i believe there are palces with gangs stronger then the police in some places. if they want to help americas fight then i hope they do there best. there citizens to let them help..shit
Posted on 05/10/07 11:50:57

Jason wrote:

I think men that are in gangs have very low self esteem. They need to feel like they are a part of something bigger then their normal lives. Maybe they did not get enough love and attention at home. They feel like they must impress another group of men whom they fear or admire enough to commit violent acts. These men have the desire to be respected, but are not able to gain this respect alone. It is sad but true
Posted on 05/10/07 13:50:24

Mr. Wheat wrote:

I'm a ex crip, I would have loved to excape a fate that led me to 10 years in prison, and staring down the barrel of the rabbits gun, to be plugged on three different times, the last 8 times point blank. tuff for me, but many of my homies went through the service for at least 2 1/2 decades, so gang members have been added to the army rolls, funny though most are dead now, so it doesnt matter much about the training, most are in self destruct mode anyway, this just gives them more tools and skill to do what they would with or without it, thats why affiliation is important, taking others out with you, because your certain death will come one of two ways, life in the pen, or six feet under, I have been on both sides of trigger, and neither is a good thing, when I grew up, I realized that I was fighting for a neighborhood that non of us had a stake in, keeping it real, life can have rewards or curses, gangs offers the latter. Now, putting in work is more then joining the service to learn the trade, how much skill does it take, to walk up and pick your target? anything less has no guarantees, these kids may have a beef with the law, but the battle will never be won, because the big guns, are on the side of the law, these wide eyed comedy shows reveal one thing, organization is lacking, because no honorable soldier rather he is from the hood, or in Army fatigues would be posting a mission on a open form. real gang members keep it real 24/7 if your cap is going to get peeled, your the last one to know it.
Posted on 05/11/07 02:37:22

Cpt. JJ wrote:

As a Former Gang Banger, I did what I thought was cool then but now as a military soldier Most gang banger are pussy that did not have a moma or father to love them the right way. So now they hide behind these so call gang buch of pussie is all.
Posted on 05/14/07 08:15:09

Patriot 1 wrote:

Gang members have an unspoken rule. They will fight to the death on the field of battle to get each other home but when they get back to a safe haven or the streets it is kill on sight.
Also most members run with the cops come, now a former military gang banger will stand and fight. How many childern need to die before anyone see's the wrong in this. I am the Sgt. who wrote the article in the chicago sun times.
Sapper's Forward
Posted on 05/14/07 08:59:45

L.A. wrote:

You all make me too nervous. I get tired of seeing people who argue this like you and I get tired of wondering whether this world is going to be okay, and I'm not even that old. Most of you make it feel impossible. You do what you do to stop what each of you do. That's why you all don't make sense, and you can't make this world make sense. Most of you will fight until you die, then ask yourself why and will you be happy with your answers? A lot of you probably will, because you do what you feel. But, anyway, of course there are gang members in the Military. Gangs are everywhere foo.
Posted on 05/19/07 22:22:37

F.C. wrote:

As far as gangs in the military, what about Fort Hood? Anybody been there?
Posted on 06/12/07 15:56:45

criccy wrote:

Most gang members are not qualified to enter the military; felons, warrants, mentally unstable. The ones making it, will now have restrictions. No gang attire, etc. The military lost control over uniform, housing and attitude. Thankx congress for passing new restrictions. Now you can enforce it superiors... by a mother of a murdered child by gang members.
Posted on 06/14/07 14:25:17

gangsta wrote:

i just wanna say gangs been around for many many didnt just start wit black people it started wit pilgrams and indians. the pilgrams had guns the indians had spears and so forth.even back then they had flags just not bandana flags. they had there country or state flag same thang.every state,city,and nation has a flag,a pledge,and a prayer or something.the usa has the red,white,and blue.we have our own army just like every other counry has theres.if we cant get what we want then well just take it and fuck it do something bout it. africa has there own flag europe,canada,japan,china everybody do thats just how it go. they rep that shit to the fulliest cant go over there with out watchin yo from america.they dont like us and we dont like them either.everybody has there own pledges,rules,regulations,loyalties and so you cant live by the rules then its either they put yo ass in jail or its off to the morg.
Posted on 06/30/07 19:33:52

gangsta wrote:

they say gangs is destroying the population,but truth be told what the fuck you think usa is doing??you got crooked ass bush in the house when he stole the have the usa taking people who never seen or did any killing and making they ass into some killas just because bush not happy.. FUCK GEORGE W. BUSH we was better off wit clinton in office at least i can say even though he was getting his dick suck he had everythang under control... how can you take a aperson who served 10/20 years in the war then all of a sudden let his ass back into the population of millions,and millions of people?? man them mutha fuckas gon go back to the war days and strart having flash backs of the enemy and start killing people 4 no damn reason just because of what he/or she thought they say or what ever it is.. thats a killa on the lose in the real world ready 4 whatever,whenever,how ever thats just how it is.thats why gangs r here to protect the community from people like that. it's just gangs done got out of control,but hey gdn til i die 7-4-14
Posted on 06/30/07 19:48:02

Nik Gonzalez wrote:

I would like to say this about gangs they are Bullies. They have masterd the art of intimidation for years. It's what they are good at and helps provide self esteem for them. Gangs only understand one thing that speaks to them and that is instinct and aggression on the innocent bi-stander. They no room for school education. What began in major U.S Cities as a means to protect themselves and the community from racial violence and better the community They are a group of annoying and illiterate kids. The schools which they go to has no means of educating them and don't care about doing their job. A bunch of kids who have no respect for anyone or anothers property. Also, each persons own expierence is different with gangmembers. I would have to say look at GD4 life. A person only has to look at his grammer, and attitude to know he is incapable of a civilized debate, nor a civil world. He'll never amount to anything except wasted space and a burden for the other civilized people who are struggling to better the society we live in. Gangs are products of their own ruin and decay. The ones who better themselves are a small minority. The rest are no different than a virus that attaches itself to a host(community) and devastates everything it touches. Americas culture such as Rap music, and artist nurture gang and criminal behavior. The U.S Government needs to enforce the laws and come down them real hard. Politicians need to stop worring about cracking down on gangs in a certain community as being rascist. The community in gang territory have only to blame themselves. Gangsta and others like him love the democratic party, because they tell them not to change but to blame it on the white man. I ask you gangsta what or what are you going to do to better your community except.......oh wait I am going to take a guess fuck you, shit bitch i'm a thug.who are you to tell me what to do. You and GD4life would make a couple. You are bastards of the party(Black panther party who's code was not to attack other blacks.) You are Martin Luther Kings worst nightmare and you have set his dream back 50 years. The bottom line they can not be rehabilitated, nor is there room for understanding. The gangs are monsters and something the world can do with out. I remember a story about the scorpian who needed help crossing the river and when he got the help he needed from the turtle he stung him. And the turtle ,eventually, began to die and the turtle said, "why did you sting me." The scorpian replyed I can't help it is my nature. And to say recuirters look for signs of gang affiliationis B.S. They care about only one thing numbers. I don't care, if they want to better themselves. If, they want to better themselves volunteer for something else. Not the military that is responsible for our national security. When, they get back from the military they will want to impress their fellow gang members by showing what they learned. They aren't going to change their friends, because of a uniform, nor what job they do. Gangs come from a dysfunctional family. An enviroment where it is better to be feard and violence is the one thing that answers everything in life in their pathetic minds. Think about the 18 yr old kid who joins the military and who is there to become a better person and for the pride and honor only to be beaten or sevearly injured by Gangsta asshole that did it for the simple fact that he was smarter, than him or the kid didn't give up his watch. You don't become a gang member to help your local fundraiser that helps and provides a better means of education and act like a boy scout. I mean look at Gangstas last line GD N Till I die. The stress and anxiety to him and others like him is green light to fight and hurt the innocent not to stop and think. Gangs get off from watching the innocent suffer. G.D and Folks, MS 13 are viscious people who are short sighted and mindless individuals. Gangs can only see one side of the issue. That is they are the righteous and we are the lams to be slaughterd. I believe they must be eradicated from this earth and no place in the civilized world.
Posted on 07/07/07 15:21:41

360 Degrees Of Knowledge wrote:

ROFL.....Y'all do realize you "Net-Bangin" right? Speakin on yo Nation or set over a computer is even more lame than destroyin ya own community with gang violence and brutality against ya own people. NIGGAS need to wake up.
Posted on 07/10/07 21:45:42

bob dale wrote:

if any future gds want to get indoctrinated come to my house and ill be more than happy to beat hell out your dumb ass. only good gangbanger is a dead gangbanger. we have no gangs in vidor texas because of this policy.
Posted on 07/28/07 22:51:11

Keisha wrote:

OMG gangsters can type!!! they must have taken typing at the local Jr. college before they were recruited. Some of them can even halfway spell.
Posted on 07/31/07 00:02:48

Steve H wrote:

Damn this site is whacked I was trying to upload a video of a once known gangbanger turned into a United States Marine and had something to say but this site won't allow it or just do this go to youtube and type in badass marine it should be of a marine telling it how it is and how it should be. Increase the Peace I'm out
Posted on 08/14/07 04:09:19

Steve H wrote:

Don't use the tactics you learn in either the Marines, Army, Air Force, National Guard to destroy your own country I respect any gang member who wants a better life and make a differance to join up and make a life for themselves MAKE A DIFFERANCE IN THIS COUNTRY YOU ARE OUR ONLY HOPE don't let the fucks in Washington do it because they are not helping if a Gangmember can leads a group of united Staes Marines to overtake a Taliban postion and liberate a city and FREE it from insurgents then they are MY HEROS, DON'T FUCK UP THIS COUNTRY JOIN UP AND SAVE IT DON'T KILL POLICE BECOME THE POLICE AND MAKE YOUR COMMUNITY SAFE.
Posted on 08/15/07 02:11:36

OLD AND TIRED wrote: the last week or so banger/taggers shot two innocent women trying to stop their destructive acts. What needs to happen is for you bangers in the military to get home and straighten these fools out. Gangs are no match for the U. S. Military and that's where its going to wind up if you all don't police yourselves. I'm an old man and I've never met a gangbanger who wants the same fate for his kids. You have the use it right.
Posted on 08/26/07 14:57:12

Bugsy wrote:

First of all, most of the people on here have no idea what they're talking about. The belief that "gang members" join the military with the purpose of learning how to use weapons and fight police is absolutely ridiculous - they learn this kind of stuff on the streets, not it the Army! Plus, the belief that all "gang members" sell drugs, kill people, and destroy neighborhoods and communities is false too. Most "gangs" were established with the intent to building a protective environment against racists and crooked police officers. And even though most of them have evolved into a destructive influence, it doesn't mean that all it's members are dangerous criminals. Yes, there are plenty of "gangsters" in the military, but they're doing their job, just like any other American citizen. Many of them have given their lives in defense of our country, and therefore, to state that their aim is to pollute our society is showing disrespect to the values that this country was built upon. Gangs are a reflection of society, and society is a reflection of our military. So, if gang members in the military are beating up innocent people and destroying communities throughout Iraq and Afghanistan, then it shows exactly what our society looks like on a larger scale right here in America. It's impossible to win the War on Gangs - there can't be a realistic victory in that field. However, there is a way to self-destruction, which is what a lot of gangs promote. The only acceptable method to doing this is by treating them like real citizens and assets (if they felt stable and accepted in the beginning, they would've never joined a gang). For most of them, if you give them a chance to improve themselves and allow them to live better lives, they'll benefit from the military service, and they'll be better citizens when they get out...
Posted on 08/31/07 12:15:12

TN Gang Fighter wrote:

Gangs aren't a problem in the military - right! Just ask Juwan Johnson. We're teaching bangers how to do home invasions, we need to start training the cops how to counter that.
Posted on 09/07/07 14:54:13

FutureUSMCSoldier#317Paco wrote:

Well first of all, you need to go back in time to see why gangs were created... They were the firsts of armies, actually they were armies, just not as organized as today... Gangs are a collection of indivuals who form a group to protect each other... If they join the Army, Or USMC, then so be it! They can take that knowledge and use it to protect themselves and their friends... "Gangbangers" are not actual gang members, just people who take the idea of gangs and twist it to create a mob of people who just are haters... I know gang members, and they are some of the best people I know! Let them join if they don't have a extenstive list of felonies... Hell, they might turn out to be the best kind of soldiers.... Paco, Over and Out
Posted on 10/13/07 19:29:52

YunG GunnA wrote:

Firstly, let me comment that, the U.S. Military doesn't condon the fact that there are active Gang members in the military, if the judge gives you the option between jail or join the military, Which will you honestly choose?..I hold my GD nation to the upmost fullest over any organization..I know of active gang members and they are currently E-5,E-6..and so on, so to say that we can't be productive in the military..We are going tho expose the truths of the Goverment. the real "Gang", all of you saying that we have no morals and respect of the U.S, need to understand that it is a few rotten ones that make the whole Nation look bad, We are for Growth and Development..(believe it or not)..I can't speak on any other "Gangs" because I don't belong to a "GanG", GD is an Organization..striving to show the world that we our helping our communities, recieveing college degrees, making life better, so we can not only succeed in life but excel.. and ect...It's the main stream media hiding the facts of what is really going on..and what my Glorious King Larry Hoover really achieved..R.I.P KING DAVID..MADD *H.O.O.D Love (House of the Organized Disciples) to KING LARRY HOOVER..FREE LARRY HOOVER,..7.4 til the WorlD 6lows and after..2.15.19

Posted on 10/14/07 22:37:09

neadayRoosy wrote:

You don't really need or want that lifestyle, it might hurt y'all slowly more.......Just tell him you
don't wanna repeat something your not too proud of z7uas.
Posted on 10/30/07 14:34:39

jr9012 wrote:

I did my time as a member of UDT in the Navy. I have a wife and 4 beautiful kids. I will live my life as a normal citizen, but no gangmember better cross my path or they will dissapear.
Posted on 01/08/08 18:34:21

Enigma wrote:

As a result of all the commentary that I have read, no one has mentioned that the U.S. represents the largest association of gangs there is, that is broken into active, and ex-military, White, and other nationalities, entertainment, and government. Soldiers that are discharged, not on good terms with the government, eventually become gang members. For or against.
Posted on 01/21/08 03:22:36

AOS wrote:

They should just punish them in a group, If you want to be in a gang take the punishment of the gang.
When one of you kills a citizen then go to prison with them and serve the death penalty with them. That's a true gang member right. 'Wrong' because they use each other but don't fall with each other. I have been comfronted by many gangs to join their organization but refused because if you think about it their all weak human-beings. They can't live without an other man or so called friend, they fight together so kill them together. they use childern for their dirty work because they fear our country and don't want to risk their own lives. Like I say there is two types of people in this world dirt which we where all made from and shit. Dirt can form anything and grow. It makes it self to something useful. where shit just stinks and no one loves to be around it. they pick it up and throw it away. So ask yourself are you dirt the good citizen or shit the one in a hole.
Posted on 02/26/08 13:03:35

Pvt. Trent Fontenot wrote:

The military isn't teaching them this at all.They will learn it anyway they can and we can't stop it.The military didn't teach them how to kill or shoot guns so don't blame us.They can learn all these things through life,tv,movies,internet,and other people.I do believe the police need to be trained in the military boot camps and tatics so they can help out. As far as the gang thing goes they are nohing to be scared of with their bullshit they talk about. We can beat the gangs any day we want. Don't blame the military for something we can't control.
Posted on 03/31/08 10:34:41

Make something of your self. wrote:

Truth is hard to swallow is as ignorant as the rest of these gang banger want to be a bad ass punks. Why don't you all wake up and see that gangs are not the way to save anyone or anything. Gangs are not glorious and are not cool to be a part of. Gangs are not going to take over the world or declare "martial law" it is just a bunch of horse shit that is going to get you one of three places, prison, paralyzed, or hopefully dead so you dumb asses don't quit breathing all of the rest of our air. Wake up and quit being so damn worthless and actually do something with yourselves. Quit whining about how rough a life you had or have now and do something productive to change it. Stand up and be a real man and make something out of your self. Quit using your parents and neighborhoods as an excuse and use yourself as an example for others to change, otherwise you aren't any better than the people you are using as an excuse and your children are probably going to do the same thing you are doing, in which case it is a never ending cycle. It isn't cool to be in a gang to sell dope and murder people. If you want to be in a gang that is fine but why don't you be a gang that does something to give back or rebuild a community and really and truly be about unity and brotherhood.
Posted on 04/03/08 17:02:57

Elijah Mohammad wrote:


Posted on 04/27/08 18:23:23

Master Xu wrote:

Jrfolks, tell me how can ya rule over government?
Posted on 05/26/08 17:28:06

naru wrote:

Posted on 06/05/08 18:09:48

Whit wrote:

Before everyone brings this topic to a point which gives these cowards credit for thinking for themselves. We should just return to the old ways NO CRIMINALS ALLOWED....... Yes the ARMY is a way out of the hood, but not for adult criminal. Small childhood crimes ok (CHILDHOOD CRIMES) NOT drug dealing, rape, armed robbery murder(manslaughter) these are adult crimes. Running away, cutting school, childhood fight not (jmping in) etc... these are childhood crimes. We should be looking for leaders even in our lower enlisted soldiers the might just be in charge one day.
Posted on 06/17/08 19:35:38

bob wrote:

this is some bullshit, im having a hard time gettin into the army because of my record,i aint in no gang,i been out of trouble for a few yrs,and i really wanna join the army,its fucked up how coward ass gang members can join and i cant,
Posted on 06/19/08 04:04:47

DT.POD wrote:

If gang memebers get arrested give them to the military and try to put all
sets in one unit so they "try" to cooperate
Posted on 06/19/08 17:44:54

stone on da block wrote:

take it from me most of my friends are bpsn(black p. stone nation) some of them are in the military an became good fathers an they protrect they country so leave the subject alone
Posted on 06/24/08 13:35:08

joey crack wrote:

Posted on 07/04/08 21:09:57

Yakubu Awal wrote:

We're so tired of living here in the DESERT and we're expecting Mr.Bush to come for us so that we can fight for HIM.
We want to discover all the evils Iraqis.
Posted on 07/07/08 11:50:09

bottom boyz wrote:

ya dnt kno what ya talking bout maybe gang menbers join tha army becuz they just like ah gang thatz organized in amerika im 4rm oakland so ya kant talk west oakland
Posted on 07/20/08 04:31:56

bos man wrote:

i was in the military and im 7-4 my 6os and sos were all doing a 6id anyway and i had a kid to worry a6out so i joined up. did 3 years and got out and for real for real that contract is way to long to 6e just using the military for training...unless you skip out right after i know alot of sets when i was in too and for real dont worry a6out gangs in the military until that arms room gets ro66ed lol other than that we all put graffitti up in iraq that was just tri6al to not forget where you came from and publicizin it just hypes up the folk 6ack home lol so do you amerikkka do you lol
Posted on 07/31/08 23:36:58

Compton City Black and Gold wrote:

wow, soo much ignorance, well i grew up in compton, in a neighborhood for me to know. Could not affort college and i wanted to change my ways. so i joined the army, now im 21 with an AA working on my BA. I still talk to my friends i grew up with, that was all i knew and had. There is idiots in the military who gangbang but most of them are a bunch of suburb kids or what ever. my point is to those stupid ass power hungry cops ( not all cops) is that there is good out of kids from the hood we just need a chance to grow. dont take that away from us. Now i proudly serve my countrys Army wich gave me everything when the cops. public school systems and streets gave me nothing, and tried to take it all away.
Posted on 08/05/08 19:49:48

Cornerstone wrote:

Yes I do think gangs have infiltrated the armed forces and law enforcment to.They have been doing it for years on top of years and Im pretty sure they use what they learned to do harm to others.The major gang envolved in this covert action? The K.K.K.This is not a new phenomenon.There has been people of questionable character in the armed forces forever.Whats new is the people doing it have changed and these people arent giving the ok by the goverment.Brothers,If you want to make a change if you really want things different ,Crip ,Blood,GD,VL,LK, Neta or what ever,start in your house teach educate yourselves and your children.Keep the brotherhood ,drop negative.I have shared a cell with some of the smartest ,most disciplined,gifted men around but it will take all of us to build this.Every piece,every person is important to this.The call has been sounded.Can you hear it?Do you know whats called for?
Posted on 08/19/08 10:39:50

DAJACKEL75 wrote:

united snakes government is the most violent, deadly gang with leadership ,chain of comand,along with a security structure soldiers and secret hit motivation....MONEY&POWER.
the same picture painted about GD.remember when you point the finger you have several pointing back at you.FREE LARRY HOOVER....B.O.S
Posted on 10/19/08 13:19:09

Pvt. Perkins wrote:

1. The amount of spelling and grammatical errors on this page is frightening.

2. The whole "bush sucks" arguement I don't get. This ONE guy created ALL these WORLD problems? Wow, do some research and stay off the band wagons. I know it's easier to just repeat the same old slogans without doing your own research, but give it a shot.

3. As stated, "gangstas" aren't "soap boxing" or "grand standing" on Military websites about how bad or down they are.

4. You dislike this country and it's government so much. Leave it. Try a different or new one. There is NOTHING stopping you from doing just that. Be sure to leave that blue passport behind as well. If you are going to truly leave the states, you better be willing to leave behind your liberties and freedoms. I dare you to try it. The world is a much different place when you aren't watching it through CNN's eyes.

5. It's better to say nothing and to be thought a fool, rather than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. Some of you on here should really take that to heart
Posted on 01/02/09 02:57:55 wrote:

George Miller,
With all do respect what freedom are they fighting for? Terrorists can't take your freedom away; that's just the governments excuse to take one freedom at a time. Whats more dangerous terrorist or a tyrant, corrupt, unlawful, unconstitutional government? Everyone needs to read the Constitution, federalist papers and the Declaration of Independence. Then you'll know the federal government has (by our constitution) limited authority.
Posted on 01/12/09 16:43:56

Moe wrote:

Fuck Larry Hoover he is locked upp for what he desearves and all you gds are jus making it worse for him n do yall know he used to be a MOE a BLACK P STONE hes a lil flip flop faggot
Posted on 05/08/09 15:43:19

man who should be running this country wrote:

first of all people as a whole we have 2 understand u can say how u fell bout how this world is ran but if u had 2 endure what my people had to for a day u wouldnt make it cause u aint used to that pain any man human being that shall apply there self should be able to join the shit dont act like some people that aint in gangs dont do dumb shit with there tactics period thats life people in general people do shit deal with it Hypocrites regardless gangs gone do what they want the goverment gone do the bull shit the been doin for sense like always so all u fucking pricks stop judging black men gang members period about the paths we choose cause there plenty of us that do good for our selves and still get looked at as n words and some that dont believe in this reneging ass country because we have the right 2 feel that u are full of shit so all of u cops soldiers get ur life together and stop treatin gang members like outcasts they do sum dum enuff they will be killed including any other crazy ass people or locked down one but its bigger issues right now yall otta be thinking bout way more deep shit than this if u want talk shit with me or dissagree u can holla at me yeah i said holla pricks
Posted on 10/11/09 07:19:50

Dave wrote:

Yeah Elijah... Illegalize abortion so we can have more Psychotic fucks like you roaming the streets - eat a hollopoint you shitbag !
Posted on 11/06/09 20:59:10

fuck you wrote:

dumb niggers and dumb spicks, they should have finished school and got a job. they only join gangs because they are lazy and dont want to work. ive been in the military had good friends killed, and been severely injured myself. ive never seen a gang member in my units. they know nothing of the brotherhood of being in the military.
you fuckers dont want us to be racist, but you go out and kill each other, so there for you are racist against each other, right? go ahead and keep killing each other. and by the way, there is a differance between black people and niggers, spicks and mexicans. stupid fucking retards.
Posted on 12/17/09 21:35:56

Cpl S Marquez wrote:

Posted on 01/18/10 23:52:40

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