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The days of the green Class As are over. The Armys plan to make dress blues the only Army Service Uniform has been approved and soldiers who own the uniform are encouraged to begin wearing it now, the Army announced Wednesday. The move to eliminate the green uniform is designed to streamline soldiers clothing bags while modernizing the way the traditional blue uniform is worn.

With this move away from the green Class A it actually reduces the number of uniforms a soldier is required to keep. This change in regulations will take some time to implement and every soldier will be wearing the blue uniform by 2014. This change in uniforms reflects a similar change the U.S. Navy made recently in their uniform standards. Are there any issues with the new uniforms that the Army hasn't addressed?

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posted at 21:30:00 on 08/19/08 - Category: Army

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dder2345 wrote:

The class B's look like crap. White shirt. Why do we need all the redundant crap on our uniforms? Less is best. Needs a waist belt for the mens jacket.
Posted on 08/20/08 14:29:24

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