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Every profession has it's own slang and the Army is no exception. Did you know that a "Fobbit" is a Soldier or other person stationed at a secure forward operating base (FOB) who is reluctant or afraid to leave confines of the base? To learn more about Army slang there is a booklet that describes these and other terms of "Milspeak" by Col. Austin Bay entitled "Embrace the Suck: a Pocket Guide to Milspeak" which is available on Amazon.com.

Do you know of an Army slang term that is particularly amusing? Comment on this blog and share with the rest of us.

posted at 11:47:41 on 03/08/07 - Category: Army

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Tiny Tim wrote:

"Princess for a year"- A normally homely girl who is stationed in Korea and gains more attention from Soldiers who would not normally talk to her.

AKA - Korean Beer Goggle Syndrome
Posted on 03/08/07 20:47:32

SSgt Abbott wrote:

Cant Forget Poags! Those Troops who are not in a combat unit.
Posted on 03/13/07 04:11:56

SSG Moore wrote:

How about "Poagy Bait"?

Civilian snack food which is often snuck into the field.
Posted on 03/13/07 07:40:38

son of a grait military man wrote:

or POWS sounds like a batman thing
Posted on 03/29/07 11:11:35

Mortimer Snerd wrote:

SSgt, I think you mean "pogues"? Dunno what the hell a "Poag" is but I bet they sound the same.
Posted on 03/31/07 17:32:03

Chief! wrote:

How about "SNAFU"
Situation Normal: All F**d Up.
Posted on 06/01/07 15:32:38

Chief! wrote:

or "FUBAR"
F**d Up Beyond All Recognition
F**d Up Beyond Any Repair
Posted on 06/01/07 15:36:57

The Rocket wrote:

Whether you say poag or pogue, I would argue that the terms are more or less meaningless in today's fight. All the traditional roles are out the window as soon as you leave the wire. Anyone who doubts me hasn't been here.
Posted on 06/27/07 11:13:12

tanker wrote:

what about BOHICA.
Bend Over Here It Comes Agian
Posted on 07/07/07 09:07:16

Mary Cook wrote:

F'd up but I'm only a reservist
Posted on 07/14/07 19:38:16

Sebulusmaximus (winsor-s idea) wrote:

Highway Fobbery- The inflated prices at the AAFES trailer on FOB Freedom or Liberty. The regular PX sells 100times more selection at 40% the price.
Posted on 07/20/07 20:09:17

IraqiWarVet11B wrote:

[quote]Whether you say poag or pogue, I would argue that the terms are more or less meaningless in today's fight. All the traditional roles are out the window as soon as you leave the wire. Anyone who doubts me hasn't been here. [/quote]
Posted on 09/04/07 05:39:13

Lee wrote:

This is not Military, but I like it anyway: B*I*T*C*H_Being In Total Control of Herself.
Posted on 10/15/07 00:44:18

jules wrote:

A.I.R Force ate-up incompentent retard force
Posted on 11/03/07 17:15:33

Doc wrote:

Charlie Foxtrot= Cluster Fu**
Posted on 11/04/07 18:25:57

Morris wrote:

I believe what everyone is trying to figure out here about being a POG (This is the correct spelling) is what it means. The meaning is "Personel Other than Grunt." Try being signal in an infantry unit.
Posted on 12/26/07 22:46:00

Steve Bosell wrote:

Get out of Iraq now, this is an unconstitutional occupation.
Posted on 01/17/08 18:21:45

doc jew wrote:

you can call a medic a "POG", but he still rolls out the gate everyday. POG is not literally for anyone not infantry, it refers to any candy ass who sits on the FOB all the day. go here and see. its not an exlusive infantry term these days. wikipedia.org has a lil info on the matter.
Posted on 02/23/08 05:36:51

Teresa Law wrote:

Whay don't you quit being a sissy, we liberated a country, free to not fear a murdering dictator. Don't you libs talk about being free and everyone needs to be free, well now there ya go, Iraq now has the opportunity to do just that
Posted on 03/17/08 18:58:13

Sean Hannity wrote:

liberated a country and only killed near 1 million civilians to do it? What next? liberate Canada? Brazil or some other country that doesn't want us there? Want to be free of a murdering dicatator necon? then start in this country.
Posted on 03/19/08 23:18:36

Anti-whiner wrote:

The real Sean Hannity would never say that, Dem. What do you know of other countries? You've never even been outside of the U.S.. STFU and cast your vote for Billary already.
Posted on 03/26/08 16:45:06

MustBKing wrote:

I agree with Sean Hannity, we should definitely liberate Canada next. At least the wannabe French part.
Posted on 04/02/08 17:42:24

SGT Friedline wrote:

Negative, The POGue and Fobbits still exist, no matter the change in roles, there are still those soldiers that never leave the wire except for the initial insertion and EXFIL, Trust me, it happens. Then said Fobbits like to return home and tell "war stories" about times outside the FOB. Either that or they brag about how close that Indirect came to hitting them on the FOB.
Posted on 04/15/08 09:27:56

SGT Butler wrote:

Can you interpret Fobbit to also be anyone who is willing to leave the FOB but only by Blackhawk? I worked with a Marine Capt. who refused to go on ground convoys. As a prior service Marine I had to make fun of him.
Posted on 05/06/08 09:19:58

TDub wrote:

Let me break it down for the civvies: I am willing to kill anybody that is willing to kill me... That includes; the enemy, gangstas, Iraqis, my old LT, and you. I didn't choose to go to Iraq but I ain't coming back in an aluminum coffin to make you feel better about yourself. Also the correct spelling is POG.
Posted on 05/09/08 01:14:14

Retired Jumpmaster, Persian Gulf Vet wrote:

DILLIGAF = Does It Look Like I Give A F*ck?
FIGMO = F*ck It, Got My Orders
US ARMY = Uncle Sam Ain't Released Me Yet
REMF = Rear-Echelon MotherF*cker
Leg = Anyone not Airborne-qualified
HALO = High Altitude, Low Opening HANO = High Altitude, NO Opening
Posted on 05/09/08 08:31:06

D H wrote:

It is POG.
Other than

Way to go TDub
Posted on 05/11/08 10:31:13

ScoutsOut!!! wrote:

f*&^ the civilians over there, no kidding that there are civilians dying over there, fools, al Quaeda, and al sadr's kids, and the rest of the insurgents arent in any military, so sure once we eliminate them in combat when they pose a threat....they become civilians. thats because they are civilians, they dont belong to any recognized military. so sure, beat up on us for doing our job. if you're going to criticize us for our operations, why dont you go over there, dodge some shrapnel and eat some sand for a while. then maybe you can say a few respectable words rather than watching fox news or some other bull.....
Posted on 05/18/08 16:54:12

ScoutsOut!!! wrote:

oh yea and to add to the acronyms...
my unit took the fact that women on fobs that are usually unattractive, become attractive after a while. this phenomenom is called 'F-DUO"= for deployment use only, and then after 3 extensions and another year gone it becomes "FE-DUO" For extended deployment use only.....LoL

sorry females, no disrespect, just male military jargon to keep us from going insane in the field
Posted on 05/18/08 16:58:31

TJ FITTS wrote:

FIIS (pronounced Piss)
F**k it I'm Short
Posted on 06/30/08 20:19:03

McSGT wrote:

In the truck, if you werent part of the team; driver, TC, gunner, then you're a JAFO=Just Another F---r Onboard
Posted on 08/09/08 21:37:21

Sapper John wrote:

Window Licker - the role we give the fobbits that begged to come out on our route clearance mission but don't know anything about IEDs, how they work, where the enemy would put them or what to do if we find one. So we tell them to lick the window. They have a waiting list for them to come out with us. Why can't I be on a list to be a guest PA at the the CCP? I'm more qualified to do some doctoring than a clerk is to do some sappering...
Posted on 09/08/08 18:51:57

ShortTiminGrunt wrote:

Pogue is filipino slang for a young boy prostitute,
Exact Translation: Pagot-prostitute,
It was added to military combat arms slang to refer to our young bitchboys bringing supplies, chow, admin work, and whatnot, the acronym POG is just something somebody very smart came up with so that if he referred to somebody of a higher rank then him as a pogue, there would be lesser of a chance of getting charged with disrespect.
Posted on 09/22/08 02:47:02

Button Hook > path of least resistance wrote:

during free text on BFT we'd come up with a lot of codes.

OILF = officer i'd like to f**k
ICILF = iraqi chick i'd like to f**k
TILF = translator i'd like to f**k
Posted on 10/09/08 22:37:36

FobbitGod123 wrote:

BOHICA= Bend Over Here It Comes Again.
FIBIJAR= F*ck It Buddy I'm Just A Reservist.
Posted on 10/20/08 02:10:27

Semen wrote:

coast guard is the best. We get all the combat action
Posted on 02/16/09 15:24:33

Nolan wrote:

Might have missed it somewhere up there, but I don't think anyone listed this yet...

Posted on 03/28/09 20:25:15

Bill wrote:

Just a civvie ww2 vet against the war but I know damn well you guys put your life on the line when you're asked to and I'm grateful for every drop of blood you shed for us. Maybe next time you'll be used in a better cause but you're doing your duty and that's plenty to be proud of.
Posted on 05/04/09 18:06:39

ArmyMom wrote:

this is not slang but I nearly died laughing the first time my son, fresh from Iraq, said..'cry me a river, build me a bridge and get the F*** over it...lol
Posted on 06/16/09 05:24:30

dan wrote:

why don't you all close your mouths if you have never served. and stopping down grading the military. just because you are to lazy and stand and be a real man it does not give you the right to downgrade the ones who do. and also remember without the "pogs" or the "fobbits" some of you would have it a whole lot harder.
Posted on 06/20/09 03:10:26

Tu Madre wrote:

I agree with DAN- this string is filled with people that have no clue about the military.
Posted on 07/10/09 13:30:58

11b Follow Me wrote:

POGs the meaning is used by Infantryman such as me, POGS=Personel Other than Grunt. yeah POGS are really funny, "dude it would be alot harder without us POGS" wrong, i walk with everthing i need on my back. what do you do sit in a FOB and play World of Warcraft all day. I dont think medics are POGS they are rough and tough, stick through everything we do. but for the rest. we really dont need you. to map out something we use a compass. yup usesless
Posted on 08/25/09 14:40:38

yesimaPOG wrote:

yea ok im so useless..look 11b, next time you bring me a broke sru off your bradley or abrams i'll just throw it right back and tell you to fix it urself and tell me how your next mission goes when you can't fire that gun or btow missile...o ur so right 11b..im so useless. o that LTD you use..your welcome..oh and you scouts? yea your welcome for that Lras3..yea im sure you carry around that in ur back guy. ur prolly the guy who went infantry because he only got 30 on the asvab..whatever, you're ignorant, and don't ask me to fix any of your shit if i see you...
Posted on 09/07/09 10:59:13

Geroge Pershing wrote:

Sp am-trapped twice and both times you blank out my comment. FU and good bye.

Isn't it enough I have to type in a validation woord? Amateur.
Posted on 09/13/09 07:42:29

WayOldSapper wrote:

While poag/pogue/pog is generally attributed to a derisive Tagalog term for prostitute, it may also stem from an Irish Gaelic phrase for "Kiss my arse".


And for all you "Everyone but an 11B is a POG" types out there...

Where you covering my a** while you were behind it while I was clearing minefields and and obstacles under fire, or were just just plain hidin'?

While my son is clearing IEDs, are you covering his a** while you are behind it, or are you just hidin'?
Posted on 10/01/09 18:32:26


Posted on 12/17/09 06:06:45

Pettro wrote:

Nowhere did i see "Blue Falcon" aka buddy fucker. You normally see them flying around their platoon sgt.'s dick and licking the LT's balls.
Posted on 01/29/10 18:53:19

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