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House lawmakers, stressing that the world was watching, spoke passionately Wednesday on the wisdom of sending more troops to the troubled conflict in Iraq, but President Bush was already looking beyond the debate to a coming battle over troop funding.
Bush, at a news conference, noted that, while lawmakers "have every right to express their opposition" to his Iraq policy, the House resolution disapproving his decision to send more than 20,000 additional forces to Iraq did not have the force of law. He focused instead on a vote coming soon on providing emergency funds for the war.
Bush urges Congress to pass war funds
Feb. 14: Shrugging off congressional debate on a nonbinding resolution opposing his Iraq policy, President Bush says U.S. troops are counting on lawmakers to provide them the funds they need to win.
How much of this is politics in relation to the 2008 election and how much is out of sincere conviction?

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posted at 14:31:36 on 02/14/07 - Category: Army

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Anonymous Girl, age 13 wrote:

I really don't know, but I really just want the government to send my brother home. I miss him so much... he is my best friend...
Posted on 02/14/07 21:21:43

Concerned American wrote:

Its all politics. The Democrats don't want us to win, because it would make Bush look good, so they are invested in our defeat. What ever is good for America is bad for Democrats and what ever is bad for the US is good for the Democrats.
Posted on 02/23/07 13:57:50

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