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Defense secretary considers next steps if surge proves unsuccessful

Defense Secretary Robert Gates asserted Tuesday the increase in U.S. forces in Iraq is “not the last chance” to succeed and conceded he’s considering what steps to take if the buildup doesn’t work.

“I would be irresponsible if I weren’t thinking about what the alternatives might be,” Gates told the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Gates was grilled on the war as the full Senate remained stalled over Democratic leaders’ efforts to begin a debate over President Bush’s course for Iraq.
I still maintain there are too many politicians meddling in the war and their motive may very possibly be own political aspirations.

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posted at 14:38:12 on 02/06/07 - Category: Army

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blue eyes wrote:

well i am thinking about joining the army simply because this guy john chaney and this other guy richard jernagin changed my life compltely when i met thtme. they showed me how to appreciate life a little better and it doesnt hurt to live on the edge. therefor i want to fight for my country, but how do i leave my home and my family and friends? is it really as ahrd as people say it is? is it worse then what people tell me? please give me some advice. i dont know what to do. i know one thing though i am definately 1000000 percent joping the army even if it is just the reserves.
Posted on 02/07/07 14:26:39

brandon mathis wrote:

the armt is so cool i think i'll join when i get older
Posted on 02/08/07 10:16:26

brandon mathis wrote:

the war on iraq is just an atempt to try to make the world a much hellish place.
Posted on 02/08/07 10:19:05

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