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The US Department of Defense (DoD) is the largest oil consuming government body in the US and in the world

"Military fuel consumption makes the Department of Defense the single largest consumer of petroleum in the U.S."

"Military fuel consumption for aircraft, ships, ground vehicles and facilities makes the DoD the single largest consumer of petroleum in the U.S."

According to the US Defense Energy Support Center Fact Book 2004, in Fiscal Year 2004, the US military fuel consumption increased to 144 million barrels. This is about 40 million barrels more than the average peacetime military usage.

By the way, 144 million barrels makes 395 000 barrels per day, almost as much as daily energy consumption of Greece.

The US military is the biggest purchaser of oil in the world.
The media and many other groups have often said that the war in Iraq was really about oil. Reading this Energy Bulletin report may on the surface sound like it confirms that theory because the U.S. Military uses so much oil. The problem is, the more active the Military the more oil that is used which ends up costing us more. The point of wanting oil is to have it for use in the economy, it doesn't do any good if the oil is going into the procurement of more oil. Sure, if the return was greater that what was used then it might be worth the effort, but I still don't think the war is about oil. What do you think?

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ludocx ctyf wrote:

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Posted on 04/06/07 05:31:43

luckylucker wrote:

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Posted on 03/20/08 02:10:34

m. edmund howse wrote:

Of course it is about OIL, when the price goes up, who benefits from that? Not the consumer of course but those who have financial interests in OIL. Do you think the Bush family doesn't have any oil interests! DUH!!!! Who started the war? DUH!!!
Posted on 05/22/08 18:49:19

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