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Services Meet November Active-duty Recruiting Goals

Dec. 14, 2009

WASHINGTON (American Forces Press Service) – The active-duty services met or exceeded their November recruiting goals, Defense Department officials announced today.

Of the six reserve-component services, only the Army National Guard and Air National Guard did not meet their goals; however, officials said, that’s because officials adjusted November accessions to make up for projections that the Guard components would exceed their authorized strength.

Here’s the November recruiting breakdown:

-- Army: 7,063 accessions with a goal of 6,858 for 103 percent;

-- Navy: 3,291 accessions with a goal of 3,291 for 100 percent;

-- Marine Corps: 1,789 accessions with a goal of 1,780 for 100 percent;

-- Air Force: 2,894 accessions with a goal of 2,894 for 100 percent.

-- Army National Guard: 3,335 accessions with a goal of 4,322 for 77 percent;

-- Army Reserve: 2,741 accessions with a goal of 2,009 for 136 percent;

-- Navy Reserve: 631 accessions with a goal of 597 for 106 percent;

-- Marine Corps Reserve: 727 accessions with a goal of 579 for 126 percent;

-- Air National Guard: 534 accessions with a goal 700 for 76 percent; and

-- Air Force Reserve: 758 accessions with a goal of 457 for 166 percent.

All of the active-duty services continue to exhibit strong retention over the first two months of fiscal 2010, officials said, and losses in all reserve components are within acceptable limits.

(From a Defense Department news release.)

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